July 16, 2019

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The Conditions of Jarvis Masters' Incarceration

After having spent 21 years in San Quentin's "hole" -- the Security Housing Unit called the Adjustment Center, Jarvis and his supporters are grateful that he is now housed in East Block, one of three death row housing units in San Quentin.

East Block is similar to a huge warehouse. It is five tiers high and houses approximately 500 inmates in individual 4.5 feet by 10 feet cells.
Jarvis is now classified as a Grade A prisoner, which allows him to go out on the yard for exercise, make phone calls, and most of all, have contact visits with family and friends, all things Jarvis was denied for the 21 years he was in the Adjustment Center.
Jarvis with long time friends Jan and Hank enjoying a contact visit, one of his first after many years in solitary confinement

Read what Jarvis has written about his "home" at San Quentin: "Sanctuary" from Finding Freedom

San Quentin Panoramic